Dear Teachers

I have compiled these notes to show how the Mr Watt eBooks can be used in conjunction with the 2014 National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 1

The notes are ongoing works; any comments or suggestions are welcomed, and I am very happy to do Mr Watt presentation sheets that will assist your class if you let me know the specific needs etc. (For example, see the maths activity sheets prepared for Hertford Infants, Brighton)

Please email me  Jon Mills  if you would like a pdf or Word.doc of these notes to print out.

ks1 docs

Design & Technology:

KS1 Design & Technology


Art & Design:

Art & Design (eBook1)

Art & Design (eBook 2)

Art & Design (eBook3)

Art & Design (eBook4)



KS1 Science



KS1 History (eBook1)

KS1 History (eBook2)

KS1 History (eBook4)

KS1 History (eBook3)


KS1 Maths activity sheets


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  1. Mr Watt you so think you’ve got the grumpy world cornered don’t you ! I’m getting my red pen out now to mark these teachers notes! Mrs P H Jones


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