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Brain surgery manual


Recently acquired from an on-line auction, this classic manual is surprisingly not well thumbed. However, I would highly recommend reading it from cover to cover before performing any of the exercises held within.'haynes'


A Pink Pylon?


A Pink Pylon? With birds on springs? At a hospital! Absolutely ridiculous.

Is it Art? I fear not Mr.Mills! At the risk of repeating myself ~ take it down – NOW!


‘Hey kids’ indeed!


I see that silly man Jon Mills has been wasting his time again, giving a talk to those pesky kids down the road. Stop trying to peddle your wonky metalwork Mr Mills…. littering the countryside with your scrap….bah!

With thanks to all at Hertford Infants School & Branwen Lorigan

branwenlorigan@googlemail.com ‘Arts, Education & Creative Economy’