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OUT NOW!! Mr Watt and the Lost Factories


An epic journey! A tale of loss/ despair/ more loss / and back home for tea.

Mr Watt adjusts his bearings, on his journey to rediscover his sparkle….

See it at the iBookstore:

Non-animated version £1.49  You can’t fall off!


Animated version (£2.99); ….you might fall off!!


A visit to the Pear-ly gates



Never a good place to have to visit, the Pear-ly gates, and far from finding St. Peter in the vicinity I find the unmistakable signs of Jon Mills and the fruit of his labours.

Without wishing to express sour grapes, he no doubt  pipped someone more able, (like myself (ahem!)) to the post; what next Mr Mills? I’m shocked to the core. What other fruit and veg can you imagine adorning public buildings? If anyone was interested they would bother to read your blog:


and then your apple-cart would be well and truly upset….


Mr Watt’s Key Stage 1 notes (all subjects) to accompany the eBooks


For the 2014 National Curriculum: Mr Watt’s Key Stage 1  teachers notes : Here’s a maths activity sheet for subtraction:


Check out teachers notes   for more!

KS1 History (eBook1)

KS1 History (eBook2)

KS1 History (eBook3)

KS1 History (eBook4)

KS1 Design & Technology

KS1 Science

Art & Design (eBook1)

Art & Design (eBook 2)

Art & Design (eBook3)

Art & Design (eBook4)

KS1 Maths activity sheets

Check out eBooks 1-4 for the iPad at:  Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal   stories, animations, demonstration videos…

KS1 notes compiled in partnership with Branwen Lorigan ~ an educator supporting creative approaches to learning.  branwenlorigan@gmail.com