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Ask Grumpy Mr Watt a question


ask Mr.Watt a question

I suppose I might get around to answering it at some point….. click on the comments button below and I MIGHT, just MIGHT read it. I suppose. Possibly…. maybe…

Previous questions that have annoyed me are:

From Ian:

Mr Watt, were you always grumpy or was it being forced to do sport at school that made you grumpy?

Mr Watt replies I have always been blessed with grumpiness… if it’s sport you’re after I would suggest taking a Running Jump

From Caroline: Hi Mr Watt, what are your true feelings about blogging and the current trends towards being transparent as a human being? Do you think it might affect your ‘particular’ … as we know… ‘grumpy’ nature and your views on the meaning of life?

Mr Watt replies: True feelings? TRUE FEELINGS? Transparency? I can see right through that nonsense.

From Sophie: Welcome to blogging Mr Watt, lets see if you can make that go wrong too.

Mr Watt replies:I most certainly will.. what it needs is a jolly good spanner in the works.

From Ian: Mr Watt, are you grumpy about having to publish electronically?
Mr Watt replies: Bah! I will be using a new app… app-oplectic….

From Kate:  Mr Watt, you have run the race, overcome many hurdles, swum with sharks, is it time for the high jump?
Mr Watt replies:  “Sport is a waste of time and should be thrown into the long grass”. Discus.

From Lizzie: Mr Watt….Are you ‘can’tankerous? 🙂

Mr Watt replies:  Yes, in an ‘iron’ic sort of a way

From John:  Mr Watt ~ what’s your favourite type of screw? Unified National Coarse? British Standard Fine? Is there one you could recommend?

Mr Watt replies: Nuts and bolts can be such a wind up… My recommended thread? BA h! of course. British Association – an almost obsolete thread which strangely seems appropriate: a fine thread for the discerning nut.