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I'm the Grumpy Man of Metal. What more do you need to know? Bah!

Heavens four-fendered!


Well today I find myself among the same ageing exhibits as my old favourite, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, wings at the ready. What a beast! What memories of inventors, toy makers and an excellent child catcher (sadly nowhere to be seen at the Thinktank Museum in Birmingham today). The main attraction is of course a fine array of Rowland Emmet’s other fantastic machines, alongside works by many others, including yours truly (ahem!) – I’m especially pleased to be next door to the inventor Wilf Lunn of Vision On fame…another refreshing headlong stagger, reeling down Memory Lane, taking in a truly scrumptious lungful of oily air…


OUT NOW!! Mr Watt and the Lost Factories


An epic journey! A tale of loss/ despair/ more loss / and back home for tea.

Mr Watt adjusts his bearings, on his journey to rediscover his sparkle….

See it at the iBookstore:

Non-animated version £1.49  You can’t fall off!

Animated version (£2.99); ….you might fall off!!

A visit to the Pear-ly gates



Never a good place to have to visit, the Pear-ly gates, and far from finding St. Peter in the vicinity I find the unmistakable signs of Jon Mills and the fruit of his labours.

Without wishing to express sour grapes, he no doubt  pipped someone more able, (like myself (ahem!)) to the post; what next Mr Mills? I’m shocked to the core. What other fruit and veg can you imagine adorning public buildings? If anyone was interested they would bother to read your blog:

and then your apple-cart would be well and truly upset….


Dropping in on a Clanger


Well what a day that was. I was hurrying (as quickly as I could) past the Museum of Childhood, when I heard some unmistakable noises coming out of the window. And sure enough, a quick peek inside and there they were, the Clangers! We had a jolly good old chat about the old days; I especially enjoyed our discussions about boat building and the different ways of knocking together a dustbin lid.


Whilst in the neighbourhood I felt I really must pay a visit to Pogles Wood and catch up with that fellow curmudgeon Mr Pogle – a chap I have always admired. We put the world to rights and thankfully that pesky squirrel Tog let me get a word in edgeways.


They asked me to have another word with that evil witch but I fear I may have aggravated the situation by suggesting she tidied herself up a bit….


Never mind; I quickly departed before the shrieking and wailing got too much for me and popped in to a lecture being given about King Noggin in the Great Hall,


before paying my respects to that dozy old ball of fluff Bagpuss and those very skilled little mice that tolerate him:


All in all, a good day out, killing two birds with one stone and all that…… I might even go back there (if I ever find my way out of this maze…. I think it said Memory Lane or something back there….)

On until 9th October:

Jubilation!! Heads up!


Heads up!

Mr Watt crosses town from Mile Oak Library to Brighton’s main library in Jubilee Street. His head is full of the objects made for his latest book “The Lost Factories”,26-octadjust

and is accompanied by the ‘Lost Factory finger post’ complete with video of the story:


Watt’s in his head! See if you can see the objects used in the story, inside the Mr.Watt head.

(And see this link for a preview peek):

Available from the iBookstore – search for Mr Watt and Lost Factories, or scan this code

qrcode- factories book

Sacrilege in olde Smithy!


Jon Mills? Let loose in a 250 year old Smithy? Helping residents make what? A Legend of Zelda door knocker? Who?


What? See the movie here?  ?

I don’t think so, thank you very much.

An Elephant boot scraper….


and a Good luck door knocker???


Well… you wont get much good luck if you come knocking on MY door Mr Mills….

Watt’s on his mind?


Well I just happened to tell that Mr.Mills about my “Lost Factories” dream, and he has the temerity to try and turn it into a reality. He does a chalk drawing of MY head on the floor and fills it with all of the things that were in MY dream:head drawing with bitsHe then (rather crudely I must say), bends bits of steel rod into the shape of my head, before shaping (very crudely) and welding (very crudely) steel sheets on to it. Idiot. I wish I had as much spare time to idly waste.

former  shaped outline1

It’s at this point I start to worry. He makes my glasses and I can begin to see what he’s getting at:

glasses on A ridiculous moustache,moustache onis followed by what he imagines is nose hair. I have no idea where THAT inspiration came from:

nose hair in

THEN, he puts a fairy in my hair. What is this man on?

fairy3 This is swiftly followed by scarecrows and factories, water rats and shipyards, rockets and trains… the list goes on. I should never have told him about it.rat etclots

And as if sticking the whole lot onto a set of wheels wasn’t rubbing enough salt into the wounds,


he puts a crab about to go down my collar:


Well you can kindly just skedaddle Mr.Mills – I shan’t be telling YOU any more of my dreams.

Coming soon(er or later), the new bustblocker:

book promo-shads