Book 1:

Locomotives and wheels in the erecting shop at Derby works, 1902        GtEAstern+text prop&credit             Construction of the TS 'Queen Mary', Clydebank, Scotland, 1936.            zepp         Constructing Viper jet engines at Bristol Siddeley, 1959.

iBook 2:

ROBOTS  'The Manufacture of Triumph Cars at Triumph Works, Coventry', 19  cycles&text  anchor_watt  armour  adjustedneedle&text

iBook 3:

Bending a firebox in the boiler shop at Horwich works, 1919  thecutler's  William Herschel's 40 foot telescope at Slough, Berkshire, 1795.  Hubble Space Telescope after assembly, 1980s.  1957-15|MTLC000042|10276175  farrier&text

iBook 4:

crystalPalace  bucket wheel  drill  A group work on the hammer forge on a part for a diesel locomoti  Two fitters examine a large boiler and firebox for steam engine,  Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway'a women war


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