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<a href=”; target=”itunes_store”>Mr. Watt “Grumpy Man of Metal”: Book 1 – Jon Mills</a>

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  1. I want to share grumpy Mr Watt with my friend and I’d like to buy the eBook for him, he has an iPad but I’m on android, how would I go about buying him a copy? Thanks


    • Update 2015:
      To gift an eBook you will need to open iTunes and search for “Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal”. Click on the arrow next to the £2.99 price tag and you will see “Gift this book” as an option. (You will need an Apple ID account).

      Hi Mel. It’s a tricky one unfortunately; It seems you can’t gift specific books from the iBookstore in iTunes, so instead you have to purchase a gift card with a note that includes your suggested book title. Unfortunately that means buying a £10 minimum gift voucher; (and I think the eBook has to be bought through the iTunes account that is associated/linked with that particular device).
      Apple have now also released OS Maverick (a free upgrade) which has incorporated an iBooks viewer, so you don’t need an ipad to read eBooks. I’m sorry that sharing isn’t that easy yet! Jon


    • Dear Danny – thanks for your question.
      My most comfortable residence (and I have many), is the metal shed next to the scrap yard – you know the one, surely you’ve seen it? No? Outrageous! It’s the one I was born in (see it on the blog) From Mr Watt


    • No! But he has plenty of pet hates, and if he had a cousin that might be one of them!
      I think it’s time jon mills made him a pet though – what do you think it should be? (And what could it do to annoy Mr Watt?)


  2. Good idea Ophelia! He’s always muttering about ‘cheeky monkeys’ ~ perhaps I should make a hundred of them and put some monkey bars from all of the trees on to his shed roof!


    • Hi Liam. She most certainly did not! I did a quick swerve and she caught her broomstick in one of those scribble trees! Ha Ha! I don’t normally laugh very much but I made an exception in this instance HA HA!!


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