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Get out of my SHED!


How absolutely outrageous! I leave my shed for a couple of hours and it fills up with pesky KIDS!!

60 OF THEM!!

2014-03-10 16.25.30image1

And then that blatant impostor Jon Mills has the temerity to demonstrate his wonky metalwork to them ~


And then, THEN, they all fell asleep back at school!! Well it’s a good job they didn’t fall asleep on my shed floor, that’s all I can say. Hrmph!


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‘Hey kids’ indeed!


I see that silly man Jon Mills has been wasting his time again, giving a talk to those pesky kids down the road. Stop trying to peddle your wonky metalwork Mr Mills…. littering the countryside with your scrap….bah!

With thanks to all at Hertford Infants School & Branwen Lorigan ‘Arts, Education & Creative Economy’