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Mr Watt’s Key Stage 1 notes (all subjects) to accompany the eBooks


For the 2014 National Curriculum: Mr Watt’s Key Stage 1  teachers notes : Here’s a maths activity sheet for subtraction:


Check out teachers notes   for more!

KS1 History (eBook1)

KS1 History (eBook2)

KS1 History (eBook3)

KS1 History (eBook4)

KS1 Design & Technology

KS1 Science

Art & Design (eBook1)

Art & Design (eBook 2)

Art & Design (eBook3)

Art & Design (eBook4)

KS1 Maths activity sheets

Check out eBooks 1-4 for the iPad at:  Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal   stories, animations, demonstration videos…

KS1 notes compiled in partnership with Branwen Lorigan ~ an educator supporting creative approaches to learning.