Ask Grumpy Mr Watt a question


ask Mr.Watt a question

I suppose I might get around to answering it at some point….. click on the comments button below and I MIGHT, just MIGHT read it. I suppose. Possibly…. maybe…

Previous questions that have annoyed me are:

From Ian:

Mr Watt, were you always grumpy or was it being forced to do sport at school that made you grumpy?

Mr Watt replies I have always been blessed with grumpiness… if it’s sport you’re after I would suggest taking a Running Jump

From Caroline: Hi Mr Watt, what are your true feelings about blogging and the current trends towards being transparent as a human being? Do you think it might affect your ‘particular’ … as we know… ‘grumpy’ nature and your views on the meaning of life?

Mr Watt replies: True feelings? TRUE FEELINGS? Transparency? I can see right through that nonsense.

From Sophie: Welcome to blogging Mr Watt, lets see if you can make that go wrong too.

Mr Watt replies:I most certainly will.. what it needs is a jolly good spanner in the works.

From Ian: Mr Watt, are you grumpy about having to publish electronically?
Mr Watt replies: Bah! I will be using a new app… app-oplectic….

From Kate:  Mr Watt, you have run the race, overcome many hurdles, swum with sharks, is it time for the high jump?
Mr Watt replies:  “Sport is a waste of time and should be thrown into the long grass”. Discus.

From Lizzie: Mr Watt….Are you ‘can’tankerous? 🙂

Mr Watt replies:  Yes, in an ‘iron’ic sort of a way

From John:  Mr Watt ~ what’s your favourite type of screw? Unified National Coarse? British Standard Fine? Is there one you could recommend?

Mr Watt replies: Nuts and bolts can be such a wind up… My recommended thread? BA h! of course. British Association – an almost obsolete thread which strangely seems appropriate: a fine thread for the discerning nut.

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    • Dear Johan. Thanks for your question. Outrageous! Grumpiness takes a lifetime to achieve- everybody else is just too happy. My world is split between grumpy and more grumpy. I can’t think of anything that would make me happy – can you? Yours very grumpily, Mr Watt


    • Dear Gina. My inventions? Go wrong? Cough!cough!splutter!splutter! I can assure you it’s other peoples misuse of my wonderful inventions that causes the problems. If everybody left them alone they would all be fine!!
      But thank you for your question. From Mr Watt


  1. Is your brain made of metal because your very stupid by the looks of things? From milo timlin


    • Dear Milo
      Very stupid? Me? (Cough cough! Splutter splutter!)
      My little grey cells are MUCH greyer than yours I can assure you. My brain is made of the finest carbon steel and I should know – I give it a good wire brushing every morning and every night – my tube of brain-paste is never far away. If my brain was unravelled it would stretch all the way to the dustbins round the corner -THATS how brainy I am!
      When people see me coming they shout “It’s a no-brainer” It means I’m so clever, it goes without saying. (At least, I think that’s what they mean …) erm….Oh! Outrageous!


    • Dear Ella.
      Thank you for your question. My glasses are small in order to make my head look very big, so people think I am even more clever than I actually am (which is very clever).
      Also, I have no ears, so any bigger and my glasses would fall off.
      Yours short-sightedly
      Mr Watt.


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