Mr. Watt Mobile Game


I say – I was very grumpy this morning – then I came across this blog – turning my life into a mobile phone game – outrageous! Strangely not quite so grumpy any more now though…… very good, Mr Stanton


Mr. Watt thinks he’s wasting his life inventing things that don’t seem to work. Depressed by this he goes to bed, but next morning he discovers his home has been torn apart by someone. Furious by the scene Mr. Watt sets out to find the one responsible for this. Accompanied by Giant Crab and Jack Russell along the way, Mr. Watt and the two head-off to Mrs. Witch’s lair, due to thinking that she’s evil enough to destroy anyones home. But Mr. Watt may have to invent a few things to get pass trouble. No time for juggling, Jack Russell!

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