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one end of a hammer


It has been brought to my attention that kids today don’t know one end of a hammer from the other. To this end I have produced a technical diagram to alleviate this sorry state of affairs:
So let that be an end to this nonsense.

While I’m at it, here’s an instruction chart for using a spanner:


well anyway… I’m really busy…..

Welcome. (I suppose).



Well I’m Mr Watt and this is my metal world.
You can take it or leave it.
It makes no difference to me.
I make metal things. What do you mean why?
Because I can, that’s why. And I need them.
Where do I work? What a silly question! In my metal world of course! Now I’m afraid I’m very busy so clear off!
You can send me a question (I suppose), but I may be far too busy to answer it.

If you need more information just go to and leave me alone.