Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’m busy ~ what do you want?


As you may know, my shed was recently destroyed by the Coming of the Railway, so I’m far too busy to talk to you… and I warn you I will be very grumpy when you send me a message…bk10p7

Of course, this wasn’t as bad as when that pesky wasp destroyed my tree shed….


which of course wasn’t as bad as that stupid Juggling Jack Russell biting my bottom….


which wasn’t as bad as that very annoying Mrs Witch chasing me away from some very important work…


..or come to think of it, things going wrong with that nasty Giant Crab….


..and that extremely inconvenient falling star…


and I still think that Parson at the church was being very unreasonable…


Of course, my genius shone through with that orrery… I must try another one.


But anyway… I digress.. I’m far too busy to talk to you. I’ve got very important work to do. Go away. 

Good Bye.